What is the Smartcontroller ? (pairing, features).

The Smart controller is the second-generation Bluetooth remote control designed by Eyelights for your EyeRide.

This brand new remote control gives you full control of your HUD and allows you to navigate at will in the Android Auto and Apple Carplay menu (depending on your phone model), adjust the volume of your music/call/navigation as well as adjust the brightness of your display!!



How do I pair it? 

To pair your brand new remote, go to your Captain Rider app:


Once you've paired your EyeRide to your app, select the gear at the top left :



Click on Connect under Remote button ::


Then, select Smartcontroller:


Finally press between 1 and 3 seconds on the central button of your remote control, and voilà !!




How to use my SmartController ?


Your new remote control has 2 modes :: 

  • A mode basique that allows you to access all the simple actions like picking up your phone, controlling your music, the brightness of your display or activating your voice assistant.
  • An advanced mode that allows you to take full control of your interface, such as switching from one application to another or selecting a contact in your contact list, for example. 

    We recommend that you use this mode when you are stationary.




The SmartController has an estimated battery life of 2 years, after this time you will need to replace the original battery, which is a standard CR2032).

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